5 times a heroine’s friend was as interesting as the heroine in a Telugu movie


These girls were no sidekicks. They caught our attention as much as the leading ladies. Welcome to Telugutroll.com and today we bring you the list of female characters in telugu movies, which were as interesting as the heroines’!

Arya – Geetha’s friend Shanthi
“Juice thiy, Geethaki iy”. This dialogue from Arya is pretty famous as the character Shanthi, played by Vidya. This character changed the way directors looked at heroine friends’ role and we could see many telugu movies after Arya following the same.

Prayanam – Haarika’s friend Moksha

This lady is a full-on fire brand who more than compensates for the heroine’s sweet charm. This role is played by Kalpika Ganesh, who is also seen in movies like SVSC.


Ala modalaindi – Nithya’s tomboyish friend Pinky

While Nithya Menen herself is intriguing, her lady friend adds more punch to the story and a lot of comedy too! You might have laughed like hell for the dialog “Tammudu, ladies ah?”



Anand – Roopa’s friend Anitha

The only reason this lady is at number 4 is because the Leading Lady herself commands most of the limelight in the film, but nonetheless, Anitha is a perfect embodiment of a friend who drives Roopa to consider all options before making any decision. A little brash, and yet understanding, her character is definitely interesting


Uyyala Jampala – Uma devi’s friend Sunitha

Well, this friend is not too intriguing, but she is on this list because she did the bravest thing of helping Uma realize her feelings for a guy they both love! This cute role played by Punarnavi Bhargavi is one of the best heroine’s friend roles in the recent times.


Do you agree with our list? Who else do you think should be there on the list?Let us know in the comments!