Chitrangada Review


Cast: Anjali, Deepak, Sakshi Gulati, Sindu Tulani, Sapthagiri, Sudigali Sudheer, Jayaprakash

Director: G Ashok

Producer: Gangapatnam Sridhar

Music: V Selva Ganesh


Chitra (Anjali) becomes assistant professor of psychology in the same women’s college that she studied. Students are terrified by Chitra’s mysterious behaviour. Other staff members suspect that she is possessed by spirit and take her to priests for treatment.  Principal (Raja Ravindra) consults psychologist (Jayaprakash) who starts studying her case.

Chitra reveals that she gets a mysterious dream where a person (Deepak) gets murdered by a unrecognizable woman. Psychologist dismisses her argument saying its just her illusion. Chitra challenges him and heads to USA chasing the places she saw in dream.

She meets Sakshi in the US. Rest of the story is about how Chitra traces the locations and reaches the destiny. What is the connection between the dream and her life? Is she possessed with spirit or is there any other angle? Anxious to find out answers? Watch Chitrangada in theaters


Chitrangada is an attempt to make a psychological thriller. The story deals with conflict between supernatural elements and science. Script has too many contradictions in itself. Not just Chitra but every character behaves mysteriously. Every role is shown with two shades. It must be deliberate attempt create suspence and curiosity but it all messed up and confuses the audience.

Tedious screenplay and clumsy scenes make the film unbearably lengthy. First half is terribly poor with amateur camera work and uneven editing. Director seems to have lost the control of what he was making. We get exhausted by the time we reach interval.

The story shifts to the US and it all appears somewhat better. Sapthagiri gives some comedy relief. But soon torture begins and this time it gets horrible with sluggish scenes and forcible comedy. Director fails miserably in presenting the split personality of Anjali’s character.

Anjali is the only saving grace of the film. She brings some charm with her screen presence. She tried her best to convince in poorly written character. Music is silly and cinematography in second half is ok.



Sapthagiri comedy


Awful Screenplay and direction

Silly repeated scenes

Technically poor

Bottom-line: Chitrangada – Dreadful thriller