Dandupalyam 2 Review


Cast : Sanjjanaa Galrani, Pooja Gandhi, Ravishankar P, Makrand Deshpande

Music: Arjun Janya

Director : Srinivasa Raju

Producer : Venkat

Dandupalyam 2 Story:

Dandupalyam gang is arrested on charges of around 80 murder cases. Members are interrogated by police in most brutal manner. Court prosecutes and grant death sentence to them. A journalist investigates the case and digs out truth. What startling facts does she find out? Did the gang commit all crimes or is there anyone behind them?

Dandupalyam 2 Review:

Dandupalyam 2 created lot of buzz ahead of release due to the leaked scene in which Sanjanna is stripped nude and tortured by police. The film boasts such bold and explicit content and has garnered section of audience. Dandupalyam first part created sensation when it released in 2012. Naturally, expectations are high on the sequel with all the hype. Let us see if it lived upto it or not.

Dandupalyam 2 deals is made raw and realistic to appear. Gory crimes committed by dreadful gang are showcased in spine-chilling fashion. First half moves at snail pace, second half is bit racy. The sequel has a suspense element and director tries to evoke curiosity out of it. Climax is still left over with loose ends, probably makers intend to come up with third installment of it.

Cops terrible torturing of the gang members appears deliberate attempt to make the it spicy, otherwise the film is no comparison to the first part. Some hard-hitting dialogues adds to the dark shaded flavor of the film. Pooja Gandhi, Makrand Deshpande and Ravi Kale stand out with their natural performances. Sanjanna also gives her best.

Music gives emotional depth to the otherwise shallow scenes. Cinematography must be tough job to explore those disturbing moments to be presented convincingly at the same time blindfold censors.


Realistic making

Performances of lead cast


Negatives :

Uneven screenplay

Abrupt climax

Final Verdict :  Dandupalyam 2 fails to meet expectations