Dora Review


Cast: Nayanthara, Thambi Ramayya, Harish Uttaman

Director: Doss Ramaswamy

Music: Vivek Siva Mervin and Solomon


Parijatam (Nayanthara) is a daughter of Taxi driver (Thambi Ramayya). She decides to start a cab service of her own. Parijatam gets a idea to introduce vintage cars to beat the competition. She brings home a 1964 model Austin Cambridge. It is named Dora. Parijatam encounters strange things due to the car. Eventually, Parijatam learns that the car is possessed with a spirit. What is the flashback of that spirit? How does she get rid of the evil? Finding answers to this questions is what Dora is all about.


The plot of car possessing with spirit is quite interesting though not new. However, entire film is made on this paper thin storyline. With the average script on hand, director managed to make this horror-thriller somewhat engaging with good technical support and stellar performances.

First half moves at snail pace and the actual twist comes in interval. Story paces up in second half. The horror element raises curiosity. Spooky scenes between car and Nayanthara generate thriller sense to an extent.

But the back stories are artificial and cooked up. Flashback lacks emotional pinch and eventually, film looses grip. Further, it gets predictable from pre-climax as the suspense is revealed. Expect for few moments like police station episode, second half has nothing much to offer.

Nayanthara’s riveting performance is the only saving grace. Her style and swag will be  a delight for her fans. Thambi Ramayya gives some comic relief. Harish Uttaman is okay as villain.

Background music is just okay and cinematography is decent. VFX work is amateurish.





Weak narration

Predictable screenplay
Bottom-line: Not so thrilling

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