Fashion Designer S/O Ladies Tailor Review


Cast: Sumanth Ashwin, Anisha Ambrose, Krishna Bhagwan

Director: Vamsy

Music: Manisharma

Producer: Madhura Sreedhar

Banner: Madhura Productions


Gopalam (Sumanth) is a ladies tailor in a village in East Godavari district. He claims himself as a fashion designer and dreams to set-up his boutique in town. He approaches a astrologer and comes to know that he has got rare ‘Manmadha Rekha’ on his palm, with which he can woo any lady.

Gopalam plans to trap any rich girl in the village so that she would finance for his shop. Two ladies fall behind him in the process. One of them is a sister of factionist goon. Meanwhile, Mahalaxmi (Anisha) lands in the village from USA. Gopalam falls in love with her truly. He is tangled in a confused situation and is haunted by three of them. How Gopalam gets rid of the other two and convinces Mahalaxmi forms the story.


Fashion Designer S/O Ladies Tailor is typical Vamsy style film. The maverick director has his own school of filmmaking. His obsession with Konaseema region is visible in all his movies. Fashion Designer is also set on the banks of the river. The film is more or less a promotion to Andhra Pradesh Tourism. Beautiful locales of Godavari green belt is well explored. All the songs are filmed in Paapikondalu. Those who are brought up in the area would get nostalgic.

Strange set properties to weird camera shots, Vamsy is known for his crazy techniques. Characters in the film behave like cartoons. ‘Konaseema’ slang is extensively used. Some rustic dialogues may sound vulgar. Fashion Designer is pure adult comedy as was promoted since the controversial first poster. The film has obscenity with actresses wearing skimpy dresses. Comedy is evoked through cross connections and extra-marital affairs which are predominant in rural areas.

Screenplay takes off well in the first half, it goes awry in the second half. Once theme is understood, it becomes tedious half-an-hour past interval. Some suspense element is maintained but that too dilutes in the climax. Manisharma’s music is the soul of the film. His background score and songs saves the grace of this otherwise old fashioned film.

Sumanth Ashwin is bad choice for the film. He appears too young to play a playboy, any matured comedy hero would have done justice. Sumanth tried his best to imitate what Rajendra Prasad did in Ladies Tailor. But those histrionics didn’t suit the soft young hero’s body language and delicate dialogue delivery. Anisha Ambrose appeared a alien with same expression for all emotions. Comedy worked out in bits and pieces. Krishna Bhagwan tickles with his funny tone. Over all, the film is hard to reach to this wi-fi generation movie-goers.


Manisharma music

Song picturization

Godavari locations


Sluggish screenplay

Outdated making

Bottom-line: Godavari sight-seeing