Kaadhali Review


Cast: Pooja K Doshi, Harish Kalyan, Sai Ronak, Sudarshan, Badram

Director & Producer : Pattabhi R Chilukuri

Music: Prasan Praveen Shyam

Banner: Anaganagana Film Company


Kaadhali Story:

Bhandavi (Pooja) is a physiotherapist working in Osmania Hospital. Her parents are worried for her marriage. She gets rejected by everyone as her father is bankrupt in business. Bhandavi decides to choose a bridegroom for herself. She meets Karthikeya at a restaurant.

He’s a typical guy who does all sorts of odd jobs besides doing BTech. He goes away wandering alone whenever he’s either happy or moody. Bhandavi likes him but her best friend asks her to try someone else. Bhandavi meets Kranti, a millionaire businessman’s son.

Kranti is short-tempered and doesn’t accept his step-mom. Bhandavi gets closer to both the guys individually. She enjoys the journey until one fine day when Kranti and Karthikeya meet. Eventually, things get complicated for Bhandavi and she’s at a junction where she has to chose either of them. Whom does Bhandavi select as her bridegroom? What happens to the other guy? Why did Bhandavi play such a game in first place?

Kaadhali Review:

Kaadhali is a typical triangle love story. It has got shades of Premadesam. Director gives a tagline ‘Respect her choice’. But the girl is seen playing with hearts of two guys. Though the concept is contemporary and has potential to be a decent love story, the screenplay played a spoilsport.

Narration is sloppy, scenes are redundant. Story appears to revolve in a loop. Director failed to convey the point as he beats around the bush for a long time. Neither the climax is convincingly handled. Bhandavi takes hell lot of time to select her Mr Perfect. In the process, the guys are either hurt or left heart-broken, but still they keep trying to impress her.

This continues till the end making audience impatient. Technical aspects of the film are pretty decent. Cinematography is good. Production design needs a special mention as it adds different flavor to the film. Kaadhali has been filmed in picturesque locations of Hyderabad and Goa.

Songs are colorful, but music is dull. Direction is amateur. Actors performance go overboard at places. Story revolves round Bhandavi’s character. Pooja looked okay in the role. The two heroes are handsome and promising. Three of them need to improve a lot on their expression.




Production design

Lead actors


Sluggish screenplay

Repeated scenes

Amateur direction

Bottom-line: Not triangle, it’s a love circle