Rarandoyi Veduka Chuddam Movie Review!!

Director : Kalyan Krishna
Producer : Nagarjuna Akkineni
Music Director : Devi Sri Prasad
Starring : Naga Chaithanya, Rakul Preeth Singh
In a village,  Krishna (Jagapathi Babu), Aadi (Sampath Raj) and Prabhakar are thickest friends but one incident creates a rift between Krishna and Aadi. In Aadi’s family, Bhramarambha (Rakul Preet Singh) is the only girl child in current generation. So every one except her mother(Kousalya), treat her like a queen. With so much attention and love, Bhramarambha grows into an innocent and caring young woman.
Whole family attends a close relative’s marriage and there she meets Shiva (Naga Chaitanya). Shiva falls for her instantly and slowly a friendship builds between them. Bhramarambha shifts to Vizag from her village for MBA and there she grows even closer to Shiva. But Bhramarambha sees him as a friend while Shiva wants more. So, could he make Bhramarambha understand his love? What will be their parents reaction? How everything resolves? Watch it on screen to know the answers ..
Naga Chaitanya looks at ease in few parts and imitated his father, in several scenes too. He still has few problems in landing the comic timing perfectly but he improved leaps and bounds in action and emotional scenes. His acting in break up scene and most part of second hour redeems his performance. We can say he is improving and that’s one positive in the movie.
Rakul Preet Singh got best character in her career after Venkatadri Express. She looks beautiful, shares great chemistry with Chaitanya and has solid role too.
Jagapathi Babu is a good character actor and he should keep that streak going with different roles. In this movie, he doesn’t have much to do and that doesn’t fit well in the scheme of things. Sampath Raj pulls off a routine father character with ease. All other actors, Prithvi Raj, Kousalya, Sapthagiri, Raghu Babu are under utilised. Vennela Kishore lands the jokes perfectly and his scenes provide required relief to the audience.


Naga Chaitanya as Shiva
Rakul preet as Bramarambha
Vennela Kishore comedy
Colorful visuals