Rogue Review


Cast: Ishaan, Mannara Chopra, Angela Krislinzki, Subbaraj, Ali, Thakur Anoop Singh

Direction: Puri Jagannadh

Music: Sunil Kashyap

Producer: CR Manohar, CR Gopi

Banner: Tanvi Films

Rogue Story:

Hero Chanti (Ishaan) is a hothead guy who is in love with Anjali(Angela). Her brother, a police commissioner fixes her match with a encounter specialist police officer (Subbaraj). Chanti barges into commissioner’s house and beats up police security as Anjali gets engaged. He is put behind bars.

Later, he comes to know that Anjali actually cheated him and is happily married to Subbaraj.  Chanti develops hatred towards women vows never to fall in love again. He goes home after releasing from jail. But his dad doesn’t allow him and reminds him that a police constable(Satyadev) whom he beat up has become handicapped and his family is in financial crisis.

The burden is laid on Satyadev’s sister (Mannara Chopra). Coincidentally, her name is also Anjali. She turns a bar singer for the sake of her family. Chanti takes responsibility of the Satyadev’s family members against their will. He joins as a recovery agent with money lender Chamanlal Seth(Posani).

One fine day, a psycho (Anoop Singh) escapes from prison. He wants to take revenge on Anjali as she was the reason for his conviction. Subbaraj is in search for the psycho. Chanti has to save Anjali from the psycho and in the process will he fall in love with her? He also have to help police nab the psycho, will he join hands with Subbaraj who is his ex-lover’s husband?

Rogue Review:

Rogue is yet another  Puri Jagannadh tradmark film. The writer-director remains loyal to his ‘heroic’ formula. Arrogant hero cursing girls for woes of the world has been trend with filmmakers for quite a long period. Puri’s new found Ishaan is a handsome hunk. However he behaves no different. He fits into Puri’s regular hero template.

From attire to attitude, that desperado looks are similar to Nithiin of Heart-Attack or Varun Tej of Loafer. Coming to story of the film, it is in the lines of Prabhas starrer ‘Ek Niranjan’, probably the treatment. First half is promising with somewhat interesting take-off. Puri style hard-hitting dialogues leave an impact. Story takes a new turn with villain’s entry in the interval.

Anoop Singh looks terrific with his Mr. World body but his role of a psycho is not designed properly. He acts and sounds exactly like Sonu Sood. Story goes haywire in second half. Puri seems to have made it half-heartedly. Film looses grip with silly and random scenes that come post-interval. Back to back action episodes irritate. Puri’s dialogue magic also goes missing.

Comedy of Ali as a beggar is also a repeat of his previous films. Heroines Angela and Mannara sizzle with excessive skin show. Mannara has got scope to perform and she utilized it to an extent. Background score is okay. Villain’s BGM of ‘Psycho Psychasya’ needs a special mention. Songs are passable. Cinematography is average. Over all, the movie has nothing new to offer. Those who are fans of heroic masala stuff can watch it once.


Somewhat intereting first half

Ishaan appearance

Puri dialogues


Same old Puri formula

Messed up second half

Bottom-line: Rogue is typical Puri style hero with routine story