Sampoo Eliminated Himself From Bigg Boss


The second elimination from Bigg Boss house happened today, and its Burning Star Sampoornesh Babu.

People may wonder how come Sampoo was eliminated today as evictions happen only on Sundays. In a shocking development, Sampoo eliminated himself from the house on Tuesday. According to the rules, he may have to pay fine for eliminating himself.

Being locked up at one place for days can do strange things to people and Sampoo looked quite badly affected. Some of his fans even raised concerns over his mental condition after watching today’s episode. His behavior was quite abnormal and the Bigg Boss had to send him out after he created ruckus in the house.

Some viewers opined that Sampoo wasted a great opportunity as he was the most entertaining celeb in the house, and would have won the title if he had stayed. Sampoo’s fans hope that he makes a re-entry in the house at a later stage.

Actress Jyothi was the first contestant to have been eliminated by Bigg Boss last Sunday.