Sirish’s smart publicity stunt for parasuram movie


“Twaralone naku srimastu subhamastu. Mi andhari aaseesulu naku kavali. Migata vivaralu ati twaralo. Itlu, mee Siri.” This cheeky tweet by the young Allu hero Sirish tricked everyone since this afternoon. Many thought that Sirish is getting hitched very soon and the news spread across social media and got everyone talking.

However, a wee bit of reading between the lines revealed that Sirish is not getting married, and that he was only tweeting about his upcoming family entertainer under Parasuram’s direction. No wonder Sirish’s smart publicity stunt has succeeded in raising the curiosity levels about his film.

Also, there’s one more reason behind everyone falling for Sirish’s wicked trick. Already, Mega family is busy with the preparations for Chiru’s youngest daughter Srija’s marriage. Everyone thought that Sirish too would settle down soon after Srija’s wedding.