Sivalinga Review


Cast: Lawrence Raghava, Ritika Singh, Vadivel

Director: P Vasu

Music: SS Thaman

Sivalinga Story:

Lawrence is a CID officer who is investigating a murder mystery. Twist in the tale comes as his wife (Ritika Singh) gets possessed by a spirit. She creates obstrucles in investigation. Lawrence is left in crossroad where he has to solve both his personal and professional problems. Whose spirit possesed Ritika? Did the ghost have any connection with the murder mystery? These questions are best answered in this horror thriller.

Sivalinga Review:

Raghava Lawrence has a glory of hit horror films Kanchana  and Ganga. The choreographer turned director teamed up with director P Vasu who has got a classic hit like Chandramukhi to his credit.

So, naturally there is huge expectation from his latest horror-thriller ‘Sivalinga’. The film is a suspense thriller with horror touch. Story revolves round murder mystery. Lawrence plays a CID officer. The film is well packaged with all masala elements like romance, comedy and action.

First half goes smooth with romance between lead pair and comedy of Vadivelu. The veteran comedian has a key role in the story. Suspense and emotions are in store in the second half. Suspense is well maintained. Climax is predictable and not convincing

Rithika Singh’s role is totally contrast to her slumgirl turned boxer character in Guru. Ritika spills glamour show and performs mass dances on par with Lawrence. She is fabulous in the scenes where spirit is possesed. Her boxing skills must have come handy. Lawrence delivers a decent performance. Vadivelu’s comedy tickles.

Background score is good. Songs are peppy. Music is average and Cinematography is average. VFX is haphazard. Over all Sivalinga is a one-time watch.


Raghava Lawrence & Ritika Singh Performances

Colorful Songs




Bottom-line: Suspense thriller with mass masala