Venkatapuram Review


Cast: Rahul, Mahima Makhwana

Director : Venu Madikanti

Producer : Shreyas Srinivas

Music : Achu


Anand(Rahul) falls in love with Chaitra(Mahima) living in same apartment complex. It all goes smooth until an unexpected problem arises in Chaitra’s life. All of sudden she’s chased by goons and police. Anand is made victim of a crime. How the innocent pair face the challenges and solve the problems forms the story.


The concept of the film is quite interesting. It’s a crime thriller where a young lovers are caught between ruthless goons and corrupt cops. Theme of the film is serious and there is a suspense element. First half moves at slow pace. Romantic chemistry between lead pair doesn’t appeal. Crime scenes and police interrogation scens are dealt naturally and convincingly.

Perhaps, some logic loopholes pop out. Second half is bit dragged. On a whole, director’s treatment of the subject is honest. There are no deviations with scopeless comedy. Technical aspects are decent.

Cinematography is well done with natural lighting and unique angles to give the film dark thriller feel. Background score also is in sync with film’s mood.

Rahul has chosen interesting role for comeback. He did justice to his character. Heroine is just okay, she needs to improve on her expressions. Ajay Gosh is perfect as a vicious cop. Over all, it’s a one time watch for those who are fond of technicalities in a film with no entertainment elements.



Suspense element

Technical aspects



No entertainment

Logic loopholes


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